Wednesday, November 19, 2008

over the rainbow

Mmmmm, tuesday was a little more relaxing. Started to work on the waves, but then my bro JoJo came for a visit. I showed him the garden and the skydungeon, then we put our togas on and visited a roman slave market. That's a nice SIM, but nothing much happening there. So, after a while strolling around, we ended in the shower & tub on Tiger's Isle. What a nice thingens! Never recognized how much fun you can have there.

Finally my beloved hubbie came inworld, but we hadn't much time. So we had to get ready for "Over the rainbow". I wanted to come as scarecrow, with a rainbow-string under my straw-stuffed pants, but as I arrived there and recognized another scarecrow, I went home again to strip down to the string, put some rainbow-wings on, made boots with rainbow-pawprints in it (but noone recognized) and joined the party again. Had so much fun there, even if my mood was down from some experiences before.

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