Thursday, November 27, 2008

short review

Didn't write for a while. Not so much to tell. Pretty lazy week, not much building. And Zyngo-addiction is eeeevil.

Been dancing with my Brothers Spanki and JoJo at mendance on tuesday-night, which was very nice. Spanki made this cool picture for us:

And yesterday I talked a while with sweet JC and later with my bro Rammy. In those old deckchairs; reminded me of old times. Funny thing: As I saw the pic, I thought: "Wow! Extremly long legs!" *hehe* Rammy wrote the same in his blog. Ish funny!

Been to the museum of Dresden too. Had some problems finding the entrance, but as we finally found the way in, it was awwwwesome! Incredible what some people are building in SL.
But I became too laggy and had to tp home. Next time I shouldn't forget to donate...

So, didn't feel so well and tried to get a nap, couldn't sleep either. So I returned and waited for my hubbie. Spend some time playing piano together.
Was a nice present from him. I love to play piano, especially Satie, who's music always remind me of promenades in the rain in Paris. (Don't ask, why it has to be Paris! Maybe because I think of my favorite movie Beineix' "Diva" with the music of Vladimir Cosma, which is a little similar to Satie.... Oh, and not to forget the wonderful aria from Catalani's "La Wally". mmmmmmm)