Saturday, November 1, 2008

Monster Mash

This is a picture Spanki made of me in front of the store. Love it!

So, yesterday was Halloween. And of course my hubbie's birthday. I'm not soooo fond of Halloween, as it has no German tradition. We have carneval for diguise here. But I was very fond of my man's birthday. Had build a new sky-dungeon for him; that's with what I was so busy these days (but of course couldn't mention it). Somehow it became more of a palace and we have lots of rooms to fill together now...

As he finally came inworld I welcomed him in this... uhm.... "costume":

unwrap me!

Hubbie unwrapped his presents and we "inaugarated" (is that the right word?) the dungeon. It's strange, how some pixels on a screen can make you really FEEL someone who's 1000s of miles away... *purrrrrrzzzz*

So, afterwards we searched for costumes. Liked the twin-theme from thursday so much, that we decided to go as twins. I love it. Have some naughty phantasies about that too... *hehe* We bought the skins where we had the demo-version on thursdays. I'd like to recommend the shop, as the skins are only 777 L$ with lots of different shapes (light, dark, very dark) and different facial hair. Got about 30 different versions of the skin. For only 777 L$!!! My other skin was 1.500 for ONE version; about 9.000 for all together. So, if you need a not-expensive but good skin, visit "Mazzo Design"!

Evil, but cute twins

As we finally were dressed and looked so cute to eat each other, we went to the grand opening of Sodom, Equi's new club. But it was so crowded, that we went laggy and laggy and laggy. Q even stuck somewhere in the stairs and it was really hard to pull him out there. Or maybe he was just shy because of the lots of people? *grinz* Isn't a bad club, but somehow I don't like those overcrowded places. Always get the feeling, the more people are there, the more you get lost and feel alone. Everyone seems to be busy in IMs or afk at all, no real funny conversation. Only lots of spam-gestures. Not much fun. I enjoy parties with about only 15 people but good chat and individual interaction much more.

All in all it was a good day and hopefully a really happy birfday for my man.

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