Monday, November 17, 2008

Another weekend

Hm, not much to tell about this weekend; spent most of my time with my honey-bee. And of course RL-work.

Made some pictures of me in a fancy outfit and with the twins-skin. Want to do some more pics of Q and me as twins pretty soon. I love to take pics and edit them. Would like to make more, but... well... would like to do so much and never got enuff time.

Only when there's a party I'm always too busy and forget to take pics. So I borrowed some from my bro Justyn who described last night's neko-party pretty well in his blog.


Justyn Maurer said...

that first pic iz awesum! The lighting, cloud background, costume...absolutely amazing. What software do u use to edit with?

Franziskus said...

not much editing at all (corel paint). And would be better, if Blogger would accept gifs....Background is SL-original. Would like to take some pics of my shmexie brothers too; if I only got more time...