Monday, August 9, 2010

so this was the weekend

Yay! Another weekend done! This one was soooo exhausting RL, so there's not much to tell about SL. Saturdaynight just logged in after work for about 2 hours and went over to Starfall. Teleny followed and Kyne came soon also. Was so cool to meet old friends again and see new faces. It's a chatty, funny bunch there. So much fun to follow and take part at the open chat without those annoying spam-gestures. I should go there more often, but the parties are too late for us Europeans. So I listened to Dehrynn's set and then a part of Malden's set, stood an hour longer then would have been good for me, but it was just too much fun!

Sunday came home from work late again. Totally exhausted from the hard weekend. Checking blogs and eMails as usual I was surprised to find my "Ta-Daa!"-pic on Eddi's blog. I felt so honored, as Eddi is great photographer and was all like "whoa! He's posting my pic! I... dunno what to say!"... So, thank you, Eddi! And I'm glad you like the pic!

Talking of Eddi... He also often provides tips and tricks about picture-editing and such. And as he mentioned the watercolor effects of PhotoFunia, I had to try that. Here's the original (me hanging around at the pond before going to bed): 

And here's what PhotoFunia made out of it:

I luv it!!! I see a lot of picture-editing coming! :-) Especially some portraits in frames will look good with it. Thank you, Eddi, for the tip!

Tired and exhausted anyways I just had some nice, long talk with Freki over at Thorn's place, hanging around at the waterfalls and then in the hammock (and I like that tightrope! it's fun!) and going to bed early. So that was that.

Here's another watercolor pic. One of my favorites of Kenshi and me:


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