Thursday, August 12, 2010

what's new, pussycat?

So, not many other news apart from building the barn. Oh my Gee! It's almost weekend again! No idea, where this week went to!?

Monday been of course at Tainted Boys again. Very late, almost only to the afterparty, but that's the best part to me anyways! :-) Not sure, what I've done the rest of the time. Building the barn, adjusting the poses, talking and having fun with my bro Rammy and my bro-in-law Joshua.

Tuesday night been to Starfall again with Rammy. I really like it more and more there, though the music often is not exactly my taste, but it's always fun and people are nice and chat-a-lot and no overuse of spamgestures. Too bad it's always soooo late for Europeans! Oh, another good thing: I don't lag at all there. Must be the missing of laserlights etc.

Today walked around as Tiger with kitteh Josh on my back and explored their kitteh-SIM. Later on the back of a tarn and then in a sail-boat (which I bought afterwards. They are cool, low prim and not laggy as most of those boats! Find them here. ).

So, no big news. But at least got a short - very short - message from my family. Hm, not sure, what to think about it, but maybe they return soon.

And now on my way to "Capture the Flag" in Tabor, cause it is thursday. *whooosh*


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