Friday, August 6, 2010

fairy tails*

*(no, it's not a typo)

After the "Capture the Flag" game yesterday, which was fun as usual but just too short, I logged off a while. Surfing the internet, watching some videos on youtube... and as it would have actually been time to go to bed I logged in "for a minute" again. Which became a few hours, but fun.

An old friend - Thorn - which is a lovely and sweet guy, had sent me a notecard about a little "hunt" he and his partner Bobo have in their new place/shop. So I went there with Tel and Rammy.

It already started funny... you have to know: The last few weeks I have that problem, that sometimes people appear green to me. Like the ruthie-thingens before or the ghosts... now it's green. What comes next? Always teasing Tel how strange it is to dance next to Hulk - as you can see on this picture. *hehe*
So, we came there and Thorn was in the store. And me: "Still waiting for you to rezz. atm you're green" - But then I remembered, you never know with that lil fairy, what color he has and said "but maybe you ARE green?" at the same time as he said "I am green". And me "Oh! hehe". Anyways, he always looks beautiful and cute in his filigree way.

So, Rammy, Tel and me started to search for the eight boxes around the place which together result in this outfit:

It's a kind of fairy-tattoo-silk-combination. For the pictures I've put on old hair and a fairy-skin, which I once got from Rammy, but I guess, I don't give a good fairy. Well, anyways... it's nice tattoos; may I'll get them for Teso too? But what was really exiting was the place. - It is the most amazing and charming place I've seen!

I went over today again to take some pictures or even make a movie, but I had to recognize, that with high resolution I'm just lagging toooooooooo much and my cam would never be able to catch the whole beauty of the gardens. So you better grab the one you love or a good friend by his hand and head over to the place, to spend some nice, romantic hours there. It's called Cabrian Dreams.
(If you enjoy it, then leave some Lindens in the tip-jar. It's sad, that you can't emphasize that often enough. Some people in SL create beautiful places and pay zillions of L$ for it to give others the possibility to enjoy. Is it really so hard, to leave a 100 L$ - or more - as a sign that you appreceate it and to support the effort?)

The shop itself has nice and beautiful stuff. Jewelry, clothes, buildings... I love it, but it's not my style (most of it fairy). I got this transparent bodysuit, but it just doesn't look too good at me:

(hehe - couldn't help the "fairy flight" for the picture)

Oh, if someone ever finds box #6, let me know! For that one we searched over one hour, but never found it. Bobo sent it to me though, but I wanted to find it myself. If he had forgotten to put it out, he better watch out, because Tel already threatened to rip off some fairy-wings. (Nah, he would never do that, I think) *snickers*

So, it was a very nice, but also very late night. Went to bed at around 5 am. *ugh*


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Teleny Macarthur said...

Haha! That was SOOOOOO much fun, until the frustration levels over box 6 and box 2 cut in last night! (I'm glad we finally found #2 at least!) As for me "ripping off some fairy wings"... hmmm.... I MIGHT have been joking.. maybe... perhaps... that REALLY all depends on whether or not Bobo really DID forget to put out #6! We shall see. I plan on going back today sometime and looking again. Alone. With my battle axes. LOL!!!!!!
Love ya, my brother-in-hunt-frustration, and the always calm Rammy as well! *Hulk*