Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Kool Doors

Haven't done shopping-recommendations for a while, but as today I started to change the doors on Tidra, I'd like to talk shortly about lockpickable doors. I tried four different systems now. One freebie, which I don't even remember (only the slamming-function was good at those ones). 

Then I tried Alika, where you don't get much for the high price. It's a lot to click through the menues and the scripts often caused errors, like the menue opened over and over again, when you aborted a lockpicking.

The next was Ron Andretti's from A&R Design. It's very good and it forces people to RP/emote, at least write something with "/me ...." and then guessing a number. Some people are a bit annoyed by that number-guessing and the first time I "met" them, I had real problems to lockpick it, but I think it's a good system. It needs not that easy to handle, because you always have to find the right scripts, but it's very good scripts for that price and you can manage all doors with one server. Another advantage is that you see, WHO lockpicked the door, which you don't see with Alika-doors. So thumbs up for Ron!

But far out the best system is KOOL doors! Okay, it's not cheap together with the server, which I highly recommend, but it's simply the best. You get 100s of textures with it, the menue makes it very easy to set, you see the lockpickers name, you have 1000s of possibilities in speed, opening direction etc etc etc. - I'm keen as a mustard! A door is build, rezzed and configured within 1-2 minutes. So, I recommend the system for every RP-SIM. Good work, K.!

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