Thursday, August 12, 2010

so typical mehz

*giggle* This was so typical Franzi again! I only wanted to build a small stable for our bosk-cows on Tidra. So I started to build one fitting in style to the little hut. As it was almost finished I thought "Oh well, make a straw-bale or two as decoration"... Done. As they were there I thought "Oh well, as I have straw-bales in there now, why not put a love-menu into them?". And done. As THAT was finally ready I thought: "Hmmm, this is nice! Sex and cuddles in the straw/hay. I should sell it single for those people who have already a barn/stable!" - And that's how it came to this: My next product on XStreet for sale. And I can assure you, though it's simple, it is much fun!

So, now you may ask "What is with the barn?"...... weeeeeeeeelllllllll...... As I had the straw ready and the barn ready I thought "Hmmm, maybe build some more items for decoration?"... And so I started to make a water-barrel, a corn-pot, more straw-bales and... and... and. Okay, most of that is ready, so I just have to put the stuff together.

I'm prolly too picky and I only sell stuff, when I'm 100% contented. Actually I don't sell much on XStreet and it's not worth the effort of making all the pics and advertisement etc., but I do it anyways  just because! :-) When I look around what crap some people offer on XStreet... For instance as I looked for other barns and stables, I've seen someone adverstising as "The best barns in SL!" for loooots of money. And they just looked cheap and plastic and not good at all! Those things make me angry. So, the challenge is, to offer higher quality for a appropriate price.

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