Thursday, August 5, 2010


...since I stopped the countdown, where I forced myself to write at least once a day, I haven't written so much. I continue building, but only half-hearted. Still not sure, what it's good for. Though I love the island, it doesn't make much sense to keep it as I'm alone there most of the times. Some visitors drop in now and then, but not many. At the moment I'm building the bath. I wanted to leave that to Mick and waited long enough, but now I'm going to build them myself. I think the bath is becoming quite nice, as most of the rest of the fort and island.

About relationship and family... hm, I'm not sure, how long I'm supposed to wait!? I'm about to give up, though I miss them desperately, but at the same time, I'm getting more angry day by day. No matter how big the RL-issues are, but in the 6 weeks since the last message, there WOULD have been a way to at least give me a short notice by eMail, phone-message or something, just to let me know, that they are alive and well. I'm not sure if I will wait the whole August too as I waited the whole July, June and even most of May.

However one thing is getting clear to me - the island means nothing to me without my family. As long as I had in mind, that I'm building something for us, my heartblood was in every detail. Now I look at it and surely still recognize it's beauty, but it doesn't have the same meaning to me anymore.

For private - well, I'll give it one or two more weeks, then I will break up the closer relationships to my hubbie, my boys and lil brothers. I will never again become emotionally involved in SL like I have been several times before and I will take it as what it is: Just a game!

Talking of games - today is thursday, so you'll find me again at the "Capture the Flag"-game at Tabor!

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