Monday, August 16, 2010

F*** you very much!

Thank God another weekend is over! I was so exhausted sunday evening - mentally and physically. At the moment I'm in a very bad mood.

Was looking forward to the usual Capture the Flag game in Tabor on thursday, but as I arrived, there were around 20 french guys I've never seen in Tabor ever before. Someone dragged them in for the game, which would have been a good thing, if those guys wouldn't have been so inpolite, talking in French all the time and taking the command. Freki and me were so annoyed, that we finally left. So I think this was the last time I went there for that game. Too bad! It was one of the few good things in SL I'm looking forward to.

Then tried to help someone for about four hours with a technical problem and as thanks I got bitched and snarled at. Yeah, how much I need that. Not!

The weekend wasn't much better. Even more shit and no highlights there except finishing the straw- and stable-project, which kept me distracted. It helps to focus on something completely different. Haven't been online much anyways, instead kept on googling for male brazilian models to find out who's that hottie in Eddi's contest. I didn't find it out, but hey! there are worse things to waste your time with than googling for male models in underwear. Right? Right. And I got some new eye-candies on my list, like Evandro Soldati (that guy from the "Alejandro"-Video), teen-model Francisco (!!!) Lachowski and Edilson Nasciemento. D'oh! Google yourself. Pffft!

Well, that's it. Just hoping the week gets better than the weekend.

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