Thursday, August 19, 2010

wanking flies and other things


Hmmmm, have been dancing a lot these days. Prolly more then the last year all together? Keeps me distracted and it's fun. On mondays of course the usual Tainted Boys, though I didn't stay long for some reason.  Was there with Joshua, shmexy brother-in-law and one of the sweetest souls.
On tuesdays went to Starfalls. Just wanted to stay maybe an hour or so with Rammy, but then we were there... hm... dunno... maybe four hours. It was great fun, talking about pizza delivery boys and wanking flies. Okay... we do not know, if flies wank. We don't even find out, if flies have penises. None of us ever saw a fly-cock. That doesn't mean, that it wouldn't exist. That's prolly one of the mysterias of the universe like the Flying Spaghetti-Monster or the Invisible Pink Unicorn. But to be honest: None of us was actually interested to see a fly-penis. Anyhow... I couldn't resist and got this fly-AV (without cock), which was funny to dance in:

So it was a late night till I took the... uhm... flight home.

Today tried to continue with the fort of Tidra. The main-hall needs some fixing. But I can't really focus on it. Continued instead with two houses matching the hut and the stables... And then an invitation of Eddi Haskell reached me. Could use some distraction, so I took the limo and got to a nice danceclub in the middle of an elven/fairy garden. Lovely place!

The owner - Martinyau Spiritor - made this lovely pic. Copyright is his, but I hope he don't mind, that I use it here. If you look closely, you'll see me there somewhere in the right corner. That was BEFORE I stripped down to sexy speedos. Josh joint later too, so the kittehz sync-danced, which I liked much.

And finally Eddi could solve the riddle with that Brazilian hunk I was googling the whole weekend. Can you believe, that this is one and the same guy???

I think they look tooooootally different, but it seems to be true. It's one and the same. Hm, I like him more on the upper pic. So, at least now one reason less of the endless questions which won't let me sleep.

After the party I returned to building and was so deep in my thoughts and focused on the work, that I didn't recognize, that I was still as kitteh in that shmexy outfit. *hehe* Thank heavens there wasn't a RP-visitor at that time.

Well, after dinner then the next party with Freki - and later Josh joining. Though I forgot the name of the club... Hmmm.... nvm... was not so much traffic, but nice. More traffic just means more boring spam-gestures! But I was busy in IMs anyways. But hosts and guests were nice and good dances in the dance-floor, so my huddles got a little break.

Oh! And I fought with a refridgerator! Was there in that shop and it said "Click me for Freebies", so curiousity and cats... you know... and clicked. The door went opened and a big tongue came out, grapping me and sucking me inside the fridge. We struggled for a while, rolling over the floor in a fight until it finally spit me out. Too fuzzy, I guess! Too bad I couldn't catch the whole fight in pictures. Maybe I'll take the video-cam with me next time?

Hmmm, what else is new? Oh, my new addiction to MM-boards. Since I got a member of the group I'm starting my day with hunting MM-boards. As if my overflowing inventory would need even MORE stuff! Right! And of course I only win those which I don't need. Like girls bikinis and such. Too bad the aim wasn't reached for those tarns nesting on a big rock. THAT would have been a really good addition to Tidra.

Well, that's it, I guess. Time for bed....



Teleny Macarthur said...

Yeah, I was a bit disappointed we didn't get the Tarns on a Rock.... but it will be back on the board, soon, if not already.... see you soon! (taking a li'l RL vaca.... heh)

Eddi Haskell said...

I would take hot model Lucas Gil with a paper bag over his head. As the old saying goes with a body like that............ But his face is gorgeous.