Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Days to count

10 Days - Then Tidra will be gone. And the year 2010 will end also, which I don't care much, cause it wasn't exactly the best in my life - neither SL, nor RL. But anywho... time to move on!

Last week didn't write much. Was busy with the first part of the video and then... avoided to return to Tidra. It just makes me too sad to stay there. Wanted to do more pivtures and video-clips, but always have to fight the tears when I look around too long.

Also was fighting some RL-health issues. Seems to be a Bursitis in my shoulder. Very painful. The pain especially occured at night when trying to sleep. Sometimes couldn't move my arm without crying out in pain. Had to break up my saturday's shift at work and took the sunday off completely. Well, not that I complain much to not have to work, but I would have enjoyed it more without the pain. So I'm waiting now till my doc opens to get an appointment there...

So, time for the good news: Somehow more or less solved the problems with the computer. Still some crashes and lag from time to time, but I think the main problem was the swap file. I reset it to be administrated by the system; since then it's better. And prolly my soundcard causes some problems too, cause when I mute "ambient" and "sounds", then I experience less lag (switching off audio and voice anyways most of the time).
But it seems, it's not only my computer. I heard from many people who got problems with the new Phoenix viewer and experience exactly the same crashes not only from SL but their whole PC-system. I hope the guys from Phoenix fix those bugs soon!

Another good news: We already found a new place to stay in Gor. We're moving North and join the Torvies. Me shivers already. I'm so used to palms and sun and warm water.... I don't like cold much, and I will need a completely new wardrope! But I'm looking forward to become harbor master and am all exited about the new RP-chances and -ideas and of course also in furnishing our new lighthouse which is so lovely! The exitement about the changes distracts me a bit from the sadness of losing Tidra.

And more good news: Been to the sunday's OOC Tabor dance as usual and there was a contest for best holiday costume.. and I made the first price! Won 2.500 L$. Yay! And flirtet a bit with one of the city-slaves, but after the party he was out of sight.

Well, that's it for now. Gotta have to take some more pics and video-clips. And also continue cleaning up and sorting my inventory before I'll take back all the stuff from the SIM... *sighs*


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Eddi Haskell said...

The way to treat Bursitis, unless it is infected in which case you are going to need an antibiotic, is to take a high dosage of anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen or aspirin, which you can buy over-the-counter, ice bags, and most importantly, rest. Since bursitis is almost always a repetitive stress injury figure out what movement is causing it -- you very well may need an ergonometric keyboard for your computer -- I had this in my wrist, and got a new keyboard that kept my arms at a different angle and it stopped it. Ice will kill the pain and is an important thing to use.

Hope you feel better Franz! and happy a Froelich Weinachts!