Monday, December 27, 2010

oh my!


Big Ha!

That's a "Ha! I'm back!!!!"

Yesh! I gotz meh internetz backz!!!!!!!!!

Oh my! The last two weeks I would like to just scratch outta mah life. Especially the last 5 days!

So, this was it: Getting my new monitor... finally again a 22'' flatscreen as I had it before.... happy after all installing it... then the problems started. I don't know how often in the last days I installed windows anew.... finally on saturday night as I was just about to start cleaning Tidra I crashed. I mean... my computer did. My harddisc. All gone! So, that was my christmas. Yay! And couldn't do anything cause of the holidays.

Today - monday - first thing to do after a shower and a quick coffee: Getting a new computer. Not that I could afford it, so I'll pay the next 24 months on it. But now comes the irony: Bought a new harddisc for the old one too. Now the problem is: The new one is Windows 7. It doesn't recognize my drivers for network etc. Do I hear another "Yay!" here? So - no network card = no internet = no download for updated network card = no network card... --- The irony at all this is: My old computer with the new harddisc works purrfectly. Not only like before - as I guess we all know it: "Oh! Error message? Hm... okay... it works SOMEhow... so... well... better then nothing...." - No, it works exactly like it should do! A christmas miracle!!! (Okay, while I'm writing this, it does the windows-updates in the background, so who knows what happens after a restart?)

So, the next days I will be busy reinstalling all programms here. And then trying to install the programs on the new computer. Haven't dared to install second life viewer yet... so that will be the next. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!

Oh, and as I couldn't log in but the island should have had to be cleaned on sunday, I gave my lil sunshine River my password to clean up the island for me. Now I heard, that the landlady told him to stop, as she seems to want to keep it somehow. I'm confused!? But I will see about that when I managed to log in.

Second Life... here I come! (soon...)

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Teleny Macarthur said...

Um.... congratulations, I think? I will be so happy to see you back!!! If you need help with W7, give me a holler.... it's what I'm on now, too. River told me about the landlady... I hope things work out someway! *happy hugs!*