Monday, December 13, 2010

big sigh

If I were a pessimist, I would say: It can't get worse! But I'm an optimist, so I say: Yes, it can!

So, things are not going well these days. I don't wanna talk about the details, just two things: First SL/Phoenix keeps my computer crashing. No problems with other programms running, but with Phoenix sooner or later my pc gives me a scary blue screen and crashes... and I need the recovery disc to at least be able to boot it again. That's no good! Especially as I really can't afford a new computer atm. *sigh*

The second is: Tidra will be down to the end of the year. So, if anyone wanted to visit it all the time, then NOW would be the last chance. It was a hard decision. I've worked on the place(s) for about 1 1/2 years. and it cost us about 2.000.000 L$ (tier and all the things I bought). But it seems, nobody but me (and maybe my boy River) is interested in it anyways. - Not even my lil devil who  rented it in first place against my will...

The ups and downs with hope and plans and work followed by just another  disappointment. .. - That's not what I need in SL; got enough of that in RL.  However if I wouldn't have to care about money, I would just keep it as our private place. But as I *do* have to count any penny, it's not worth the frustration. So, I FINALLY GIVE UP!

~*~ That's all what I have to say for now. ~*~

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