Monday, December 6, 2010

updates! updates! updates!

The last days over the weekend were full of updates. So I had not much time for anything else. There was finally the update of the Gorean Meter and servers which should have been in mid October already. A lot of work to handle all the RP-goods which are of different worth now. *sighs*

Then there was also to update of Phoenix. It has some nice new features and I think it tp's faster and loads my immense inventory quicker after a cache cleaning.

And finally I updated my AV a bit. I found eyes similar to my RL-eyes: a light green with brown sparkles in it, so they look sometimes green, sometimes yellow. And as I was about to do it, also shaved (same skin, but without face stubbles) and let my hair grow a bit. Not sure, if I like it. It gives me a total different look. Strange how much the hair alone changes your appearance in SL.... Looks a bit melancholic, but it's okay... matching my mood so shortly before xmas.

So, apart from these updates there's not much to tell. Still trying to keep Tidra alive, but getting tired of it. All the time, all the money spent... for what? .. for whom? - As nice and - so they say - beautiful Tidra is, but *I* don't need it. I'd be okay with a small house on a Gorean SIM and maybe another one for private. So, things will get clearer around christmas. It was always the time for changes. *smiles and poofs*


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