Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So, this is my christmas: Yesterday the problems started again with the new release of the Phoenix viewer. I don't know, if the viewer causes the problems or if the problems are there and cause the freezing of the viewer....

However.... I kept on freezing. And I was sooooo happy, because I got some money from the taxes back (yeah, wonders happen!) and bought me a new monitor. Nice! So, after a few crashes, not only my Phoenix frozen but also my screen, harddisc, whatevah! Blue error screens from Windows. etc. I guess the harddisc is kaput.

After a sleepless, desperate night, I finally got a recovery version of windows back on my computer. At least some good news: Could save some files, so they are not gone forever. But can't get back to my old user-account, so all the programs etc... nothing! Glad that I at least found my own blog here!!!!

Anyways, the only program I installed yet in the new account apart from firefox was Phoenix. And still the same problems: Freezing for some minutes, then everything works fine again for another some minutes till I freeze again. Maybe I really should try a different viewer, though - as I said - I don't know, if the computer causes the Phoenix-problems or Phoenix causes the computer problems. But I heard of many people experiencing problems with their computers since the new Phoenix. Coincidence?

So, I was inworld and rented a new parcel and good news (?): The landlady would have a tenant for it already and would need the SIM desperately. So I don't have to have such a bad concious for giving it up. The bad news: It all has to be cleaned until sunday! I wanted to take a peaceful and not hasted farewell of Tidra. Make some more videoclips for the memory, then clean it all up in boxes.... But maybe it's the best that way? I just hope, my computer works long enough to let me clean it up. *sigh*

And tomorrow RL-work. Oh my! Sooooooo..... Merry Christmas to all. I'm not in the right seasons-mood as you can imagine! Glad, when this year is over!



I had the same problem. What I found out is that I updated my graphics card for my pc, then downloaded the Phoenix viewer from 2 previous versions (373 I believe) then reinstalled the new version 818 over it (do not do a clean install) and now it works perfectly.
If any of these are your type of graphics card, go here to get the latest updates.
Video Drivers

Mac drivers are included with OS upgrades
If you are not sure what type of video card you have, use GPU-Z found (win only) here. For linux, in a console use: lspci | grep VGA

Nvidia Video Driver

Latest driver Last checked Dec 14- Windows: 263.09(Nov 22) - Linux: 260.19.29 (Dec 13)

ATI Video Driver

Windows download Last checked Dec 14- 10.12 (Dec 13)
Linux download Last checked Dec 14- 10.12 (Dec 13)

Intel Video Driver

Intel driver download page Intel does not have a universal driver set.

Teleny Macarthur said...

Aw, sweetie, I'm so sorry you are still having puter problems. And so soon on Tidra leaving.... *sigh*... I'll try to get my stuff out tonight or tomorrow, then... I had planned on waiting until Sunday, but I understand her need for speed. I too will miss a chance to get a few more vids/pics of just us two. I stayed on one night, but you and River had logged off early, and didn't come back. Maybe I'll see you tonight! *XOXOX*