Thursday, December 2, 2010

Was in a bit of dance mood last night, so I took an invitation of my friend and favorite DJ Heloq to have a look at that new club called Cryptonite. Place was crowded! Theme was "yellow"... well actually "yellow taxi", but being a cab-driver besides university and hated it I must have overseen the "taxi". *heh* Anyways, got this really nice raver-outfit, colored my stripes and hair yellow and jumped over for the fun.

I really liked the outfit, especially the gas-mask (with the whiskers peeking out) was a nice detail:

The place was crowded and lots of fun. Well, didn't feel so well with two kid-AVs, which seems a bit creepy to me, especially when they do those SINE-dances made for erotic dancers, but each his own and as long as the club-owners tolerate it... Just stepped several time accidently on them. :-)
Joshua joined a bit later and finally my bro Kyne too... a blu cat between all the yellow! *heh* He looked quite greenish but at least he rezzed at all.

So, after the dancing I met with my lil sunshine River for some RP until he felt asleep in my arms. So sweet. I love to hold him and miss the times, when me and my family was sleeping online. Wanted to sleep also, but then decided to open some more of those MHOH-gifts to get my inventory sorted. It seems, the gifts get better the higher the number. Well except of this shape:
*giggles* I had to take a picture of it for the laugh before I deleted it. Well, since my very first day in SL I made my shapes myself. It's not a big deal, so I don't understand, why some people spend money for a shape. But now THIS one??? Someone really pays for that? The head way too big and out of proportion. And... well... just!

Okay, okay... Maybe I shouldn't slander about those gifts? They are gifts and someone might have put some effort into it... and yes, I love hunts and I'm grateful that people organize them and shops take part of them. But when you searched the shop for hours to find the hidden gift and then you get such an ugly thingens??? And I think the creators don't do it just for humanity, but for getting traffic into their shops and to get people curious for their other stuff to buy. So, if you put your ugliest product into the giftbox with the thought "Oh, THAT thing nobody would buy anyways. It's perfect to get rid of it in the giftbox!", then you think wrong. Because nobody will every return to your shop to BUY something else.
The oposite were some nice eyes I have seen and wanted to buy some in my natural eye-color (which is more a yellowish green then my SL-brown), so I tp'd over to the shop. You see? THAT should be the purpose of a hunt. Unfortunately the shop seemed to have vanished or moved; however I didn't find it anymore. :(

So, there were some nice examples too. Got a quite good shirt-jacket combination from A:S:S. (no pictures here) or this which I really loved:

The camo-shirt from "BT" and the pants from [BedIam]. Liked it much!

Hmmmm, what else happened the last two days? Oh, forgot to mention that I was at a Capture-the-flag-game in Scimitar on tuesday night. Was fun - me with 6 slaveboys. *hehe* A lot of goofing around. I liked it.

Oh, and before that I visited with River a new SIM called Phallikos... a mix between Gor and Roman. Some buildings quite nice inside.

Yesterday afternoon meeting with the Administrator of Tabor to talk about an alliance. Was a nice RP, but I'll write more about it in the Tidra blog when I have time for it...

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