Monday, March 24, 2008


On Saturday I was looking for my little kitten. Douggie was strolling around, had bought a collar that never arrived, was sad... so I searched for him. And at that neko-place, where I found him, we met a hot and nice neko-girl: Niambraa.

Well, we flirted for a while... Yes, you don't have to remind me that I'm gay! But sometimes I like to flirt with hot girls too. I think she didn't recognize in the beginning, that I'm gay. But as I told her - after about half an hour flirting - she just accepted it... and we went on flirting and talking. I think we talked about two hours. She's really nice and a hot wildcat, sharp weapons and a fighter. I like that!

On sunday I met her again. She was with me and Rammy the whole evening. We had a lot of fun (till Rammy started to... oh no! I will tell that later. hehe), strolling through dance-clubs. Nia and me would make a purrfect couple - If I weren't gay and she wasn't partnered to a wolf. You should have seen us on the dancefloor dancing the Salsa for hours. We looked so hot!!! (and again I forgot to take pics. damnit!)

This is what she wrote in her profile about me:

"I've never met someone like this. Franz and i have known each other for just a couple of days and i already trust him like my own partner. His heart isnt made of steel neither is it made of stone neither is it made of gold. Its made of the beautifullest diamond on earth.
Franz you have shown me true friendship and the beautifullest of all you did that in just a couple of days. Now that's a true friend! Franz thanks for all the nice moments together! :))

[17:13] Franziskus Ninetails: you know, Nia... if I weren't gay, we would make a fine couple, I think

Yes he thinks i'm hot! but ssssstt don't tell Lunus:P"

I feel so honored to be her friend. And as I read what she wrote about me, I was just overwhelmed, with goosebums all over my body and almost crying of happiness. Love you, Nia!

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