Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Rammy, the tora-owner

After we had such a wonderful evening on thursday, I didn't meet my Rammy on Friday. He was there, but I neglected him. First I had to talk to Andrej, then Andrej & me undertook a further "experiment". I promised to meet him - Rammy - later, but he suddenly left without a word. I thought, he must have been very angry with me. And he got the right to be it. I felt so bad!

So I went to the XCite-store and bought a bullwhip for him to punish me. *gulp* But I didn't see him on Saturday, so I felt even worse.

On Sunday we finally met and I was so happy to see him! And he wasn't angry at me. Not at all! *yippie*

I introduced him to Nia and we went to two dance-clubs. (One was a weird furry-place with funny furries talking about their RL-problems. hello?!?) But then he decided, that it's necessary to tame the tiger. I was a little surprised. Everything happened all of a sudden and I didn't even know, what I did wrong. But the really hard part was: Nia was with us all the time!
He allowed her to watch while he leashed me, made me undress, jerked me off and forced me to give him a bj right in front of her. I felt so embarassed... and excited. But mostly I felt bad for Nia, cause I think she either would be really bored watching us or she didn't feel comfy with the situation.
Afterwards I apologized to her 1000s of times and she said, she's cool with it. But I'm not so sure. I was afraid, that I maybe lost this new-found friend (and I couldn't do anything against it, since I agreed to Rammy as my tora-owner; so I have to follow his will, when I'm a tora-shônen). But then she wrote that wonderful entry in her profile about me and I was calmed.

And I have to admit: Despite all my concerns: It was very exciting!

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