Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rammy, my love

If you want to know, how things are going with Rammy: Fine!

Since the drama last week we are good friends, lovers, brothers again. Maybe I was just in a bad mood or expected too much? It's good again. *sigh*

Last night somebody asked me, if I have a master, cause I was wearing my collar. - Well, I just love the collar and think, it suits me well. But I answered spontanous: "Rammy is my owner!" - Wow! Didn't think about it. Yeah, we played sometimes master and servant, but do I really want to be owned by somebody? Well, it gave me a strange feeling... kind of exciting. But I need my bro Rammy more as friend and lover, not as master and/or owner. But it's worth to think about it...

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