Monday, March 24, 2008


I told you about Kale, right? The foxy I met at the blu-danceclub. I told him about Hillcrest college and he signed in. But he hadn't had a home, so he slept in the lockerroom (hm, didn't he recognize, that there's a boys dorm in Hillcrest?). So I offered him a place in the frathouse.

The problem is: He's trying to be sex-abstinent. Some kind of Japanese asceticism. So I couldn't let him sleep in the house itself. But I had the idea to build him a fox-den in the garden. And it really looks good!

To thank me, he made a drawing for and of me. Of my two souls: Franz-kun and Franz-tora-shônen:

I think, he did a fabulous job!

Thank you so much, Kale-kun.

(I hope, this is right!? I have no idea...)

Kale-kun is very young, and he wants to become an illustrator. I think, he's on the best way!

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