Thursday, March 20, 2008


On Saturday my dear brother Rammy came back. *sigh* Kitten Dougg came too. We went to that wedding of Jamey and Jay, but it was almost over. So we played a little in Jameson's cat-tower. (Yes! He's got a whole apartment-house just for cats!!! *purr*)

Before we went, I asked Rammy to be my owner! It should have been a very important and celebrating moment, but we were in hurry... so it wasn't right what I had in mind.

So, Rammy is my tiger-neko-owner - hm... tiger-neko! Kale (the fox) call it "tora-shônen". He's totally into Japanese. But I like that! "tora-shônen" sounds good...

Yeah, back to Rammy as my tora-shônen-owner! - I'm not sure, if he knows about the responsibility!? - These days I had the chance to watch Andrej with Quirt - and Rammy and me are soooo far away from that! True, you can't compare a tora-shônen with a submissive boy like Quirt. The tora is a wild animal, hard to tame. There are claws and fangs (and some knifes too...) paired with a animalistic instinct, a wild nature and spirit for freedom, but somehow I envied Quirt for that feeling of being cared for. Sure, I know that Rammy cares for me, but this is different.

Well, I talked about the issue with Rammy on thursday. We had a long and very nice talk cuddling at the new beach at the new Rosey Cheeks. I felt so save and warm in his arms. *sigh* Hope to see him soon again as tora-shônen!

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