Friday, March 14, 2008

good news

Andrej and I are okay!!!

Spent many hours with Andrej last night. I was ready to let him go; thought it would be better for him, not to be torn between his feelings for me and (the responsibility) for Quirt. But he refused and said he wants to stay with me. We talked a lot and then we started to test it out, if I can bear the "big Andrej". - And surprise! I didn't have a problem (apart from wet-ing my briefs all the time). He even invited Quirt and I could watch how he treats him. Wow! As soon as Andrej is a full fratbrother, he could bring Quirt over to the frathouse. I think he would like that...

I'm so glad, that this crisis is over. And we progressed a lot in that relationship... if you'll call it like that.

In the picture you can see him and me standing on his balcony watching the sunrise. *sigh*

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