Friday, October 3, 2008

What a week!

Not so much to tell. Isle is in progress and looks good, I guess. But the whole week I'm thinking about an incident happened on monday: As I logged in, I didn't land on my homebase but on some public place (nekkid of course, as usual. *sigh* I should get used to pajamas instead of falling asleep naked...). Oh, one of those days, where Linden cleans the region or something - I thought and waited a while. But no chance to return.
Strange thing was: A look on the map showed me, that our smexie neighbor-boys Christo and Tim were there; so the SIM itself couldn't be down. I tried again and again... no success. At least I could go to the isle and try to fly over to our home-SIM, which is only 3 SIMs away. But I had to recognize: Every SIM around us that I tried to cross I was banned from. So thinking "WTF? Linden what have you done now?!"
I tp'd to other places - no problem. So finally I found out: I was only banned from all estates of the big estate-company we "bought" our land from. I use "..." because the matter of fact is: How can you say you own land, when the "seller" still have the power to ban you from your supposed-to-be property? What a big betrayal! You pay them money (and we're talking about no small amounts!) - and don't forget it's real money even if the currency is L$ - and get nothing for it but anger, stress and problems? And they not only harm me but also other tenants, in deciding who's allowed to enter their land and who not. For instance shops I would have wanted to visit and buy stuff. Your shop is on their land? Bad luck for you, if they ban your customers without asking you! Or imagine you want to invite a friend to your home and he can't come, because your landlord doesn't allow it! In RL this would be impossible; in SL it can happen. But can it really happen without consequences???

However! Are you interested what happened? It becomes even worse, cause the thing was: The day before that incident one of our neighbors yelled at me in IM, that I should stop trespassing her land. - Well, that's dumb enuff, cause if I don't want someone to enter my land, I just restrict it to only allowed people. But even worse: It was the fault of her security orb which was reaching over to our isle and always bothering me and guests with it's warnings although we weren't even close to her land! So, as she threatened that I'll get banned and she'll report me to Linden, I told her, that she better should check her damn security orb, as it is bothering me and my guests, and I will report her to Linden if she doesn't stop that. So, *I* was the victim of the stupidity of that bitch woman. And *I* get banned for it? YAY! \o/ That's Second Life!
So, I'm pretty angry the whole week. Angry because I get bothered by that bitch woman. Angry because I get banned from all estates of that company without having done anything wrong. Angry because I got banned from my own land. Angry because all of this happened without any request from that company what really happened (You "own" land from that xy-company? Cool! Just report people you don't like to them and they will ban them.). Angry because it happened without any information or warning. And angry because they are so arrogant to believe, that they can do it without any consequences or apology; cause I've written a complain in which I gave them the chance to apologize. No reaction at all. So, I think I will get my stuff and my hubby pretty soon and move somewhere else, if they don't react in the next days.

On the one side we all enjoy the freedom we got in SL, on the other side: Is anarchy the price we have to pay for it? There are laws. SL is subdued to the US-law and the law of the country you live in. And the behaviour of this company is not only despotic but illegal too. It's betrayal (selling you land, keeping the money, and ban you from it? How else would you call it?). And I don't know if I - if we all should gonna take it. Too bad, that the dumbness of one single bitch woman can withdraw you the joy of SL. Tiger is angry. So better be warned!

P.S.: At least that night after this entry they answered for the first time ever. A progress?


Quagmire said...

To our neighbor Kim on the isle, beware Tiger's scratch is even worse than his bite. As for the company, don't have to name names, just look in about land when you come take a visit. I will never buy land from a huge-uncaring company like this again, in fact Walentine I hear you have a nice water sim you would sell me cheap, atleast I would have a landlord that cares then. We will never see an apology from this company that sucking in our money and donations our friends make to the isle, that is how this world works, even in sl. After all Exxon Oil Co made the big spill, but U.S. tax payers pay for it. Big company or little company we are all owned by them, and it is coming to Europe soon, if it isn't already there. So hubby is angry too, even more maybe, I hold alot of it in, though, then one day I sting like the scorpion I ams. So we will probably be abadoning house property soon, too bad as it is a very beautiful house and Tiger did a great build on it too. For now though readers you still have a nice Tiger's Ilse to come and party on,and the work Tiger did there is too beautiful to give up. If you are concerned about the property or us, for more information, contact me Quagmire Juran. Love, thank you for letting me vent for a few minutes on your blog. If this sounds too harsh to be published here, feel free to delete it, after all it is your online dairy.

Rammy said...

Well I just heard all this the other day and I can see why Franz is mad about it and I think I would be mad if it happened to me too.