Monday, December 1, 2008


Do you know those days, when you really don't know what to do? Somehow you feel lonely, but although some of your friends are online, you're not in the mood to meet or talk to anybody? And you would have had so many things to do, but you don't find the energy? - Well, the last two days were full of these moments. So it was a nice change, that there was kinda "open house day" at Red Rock, a gay Gor sim.
So, I put on a nice silk... Gee, I love them! Just too bad, that they are not made for nekos! I had to change into human, which is just a sexy guy, but somehow not really *me*... However, I walked around as observer. The bad thing was: You were supposed to not take part in the open chat / RP as observer; only talk to people in IM. That sounded a little strange to me, as it's really hard to communicate that way.
At my first visit there were some Kajiri kneeling around. Lots of "Greetings, brother" etc. - which is somehow nice and makes one feel welcome, on the other side leaving a strange feeling, as you don't know how to behave as "just observer". I tp'd out of there pretty quick, feeling all sheepish and shy (yesh! me! Tiger! shy!!!).
Later on sunday I tried it again. Strolled around a little, avoiding other people. And I have to say: That city is really nice!
Then my friend Dashiel, who is first Kajirus of the Battel of Red Rock (or was it "... of the desert with a palm"?), came inworld and invited me to a dance in the palace. Most of the guys were OOC and it was really funny and exciting. Got asked several times, why I'm not collared and I always pointed at my "observer"-tag. But I have to admit: The offer of Dashiels master to collar me and become part of the family was somehow tempting. I told him, that I love to be tiger way too much to become a Gor-slave, but he said, there also would be the possibility of a part-time Kajirus. *hehe*

Oh, really... no reason to worry (yet). It's a nice and exciting world there - for a short RP, but too many rules. I told Dashiel, that I prolly would learn all the rules just to be able to break them! *hehe* But in my current mood the offer of being part of a "family" is very tempting. Down on urth things are not that well; apart from problems in partnership I don't see my brothers very often. - One defriended me, one is too RL-busy, one is too SL-busy (and engaging in a new relationship it seems. Best wishes!), one I don't trust anymore and one is ill most of the times. :(

However, I think I will "observe" a little more. And I have to take pictures which I can add here...

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