Friday, October 31, 2008

Hold me now

Woa! What a night. So many ups and downs... Not only with me.

I built... Yeah, always calms and relaxes me. I'll never stop that. Maybe that's the reason why I'm never finishing anything? Everything got to be purrfect and if it's not, I'm starting over again. Changed the brother-hangout from the sky to the ground now. I had it in the sky, cause I wanted to keep the ground free for my own sanctuary (second home). But I finally accepted, that my home is with my hubbie. So I deeded the ground of my old parcel to my brothers.
Rammy, Spanki, Q (for a few minutes) and me were hanging around there for a while. A friend of Spanki - Aero - joined us too. I felt good, seeing family united, though I'm very concerned for my brother Spanki. We need to find a nice and caring man for him too. Pretty soon! I feel his loneliness and don't know what to do against it. That empathic thingens between us is sometimes good, sometimes bad. Well, then a bad news pulled away Rammy - A RL-friend of a SL-friend died. That SL-friend later came dancing to tiger's isle later, which was a little odd for a certain reason. I felt so sorry for him, didn't know what to do. But I hope, he just could "float"... I know how it was, when my sister Nia died. I was just numb and every word, every IM seemed to be too much and gave a cared feeling at the same time. (If you read this, L., and you need someone to talk to, feel free to call me anytime.)

Well, Q had to leave, Rammy had to leave, Spanki went dancing, and I was suddenly alone with a woman, which somehow tp'd to our place. Don't know, what she was searching there. Maybe an alt as she was just a week old? However, she ran around and looked at everything, which seems pretty rude to me, as I told her, that this is a private parcel. But I kept polite and waited till she was gone before I set parcel to "group only" again. Some people... ts! *me shakes head*

So, twin(k)s party came and there weren't so many people as expected. And Q and me were the only twins. But that was so much fun! *hehe* Those who didn't even try it have no idea, what they missed!

There was a some shadow over it all. But that's too personal atm. However, I'm happy with my hubbie. He tries hard to please his little tiger, what might seem to be difficult sometimes, but in fact it isn't. A catchinarms and a "I love you" most of the time is enuff to make little tigers happy.

Oh, and of course: Today is hubbies birthday!!! Though born on halloween he's no spawn of evil at all. And someone's have a birthday-spanking coming... *hehe*

I was looking for a musicvideo matching the theme "twins" and found Thompson Twins. Some group of the 80s, I guess. But the lyrics match so well my feelings of last night. Feeling much better today...

Hold me now, warm my heart
stay with me, let loving start

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