Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are we dancers?

Right after awakening yesterday I changed into human and headed over to Mendance. Wanted to dance and work a little. Tips weren't good there as I was dancing as tiger, so I thought I might try it in human form. But dance-poles were occupied... by IMHO bad dancers, so I just danced with my brother Spanki, who was host there. Changed back into tiger soon because of the balancing tail.

However, it made me think once again about good and bad dancers, about tipping in common. Spanki already mentioned it somewhere (me too lazy to search for it), that Europeans might tip less then Americans. I think it's true.

But I have to admit: Bad dancers make me angry. Why? Because they are bad for the reputation. I guess a lot of guests think: "Why should I tip the dancer for just using a dance-pole?" - And yes, in this case, they are right!
It also makes me angry, when there's a good and a bad dancer on the stage and the bad dancer gets the same tips as the good dancer. That's unfair! A few weeks ago I was at a club, tipped my brother Spanki, who's one of the best dancers ever, and another good dancer, but didn't tip the 3d one, who didn't say a word the whole time, didn't even greet me as I entered the club. And suddenly he started to scream "Am I not sexy enough? Why don't I get tipped?" etc. So bad! But *sigh* I couldn't help and tipped him a small mercy-tip. --- Or yesterday... another mercy-tip to one of the dancers, although he didn't say a word. 10 minutes later (!) I got a thank-you in IM and the explanation, that he was doing RL-woodwork besides. Hello?!? He should work on the "wood" of the guests, not park his AV on a pole and hope to get money for it. Bad, bad dancer!!! I fought the urge to tell him: "Give me my money back!"

Do you think, it is easy, to be a (good) dancer? It isn't. And it is hard work, believe it or not! As good dancer you have to be able to do multitasking. You have to:

- watch out for and welcome every new guest
- check out profiles
- be funny and entertaining
- follow the open chat and keep it running
- give every (!) guest the feeling to be recognized
- create nice and/or sexy thank-yous
- answer IMs of admirers
- fight the lag when moving around with your cam, to watch every guest
- be prepared that 50% of your communication is over-heard anyways
- try to get more guests into the club
- flirt, flirt, flirt
(and add for tiger: - Jump between SL and the dict-website to find the right words sometimes...)

And all this at the same time. You think, that's easy? Well, try it next time, when you're a guest somewhere...

But you know what? - A good dancer loves it! It's like an adrenaline-kick for two or more hours.

So, next time, when you go to a club, think about it. Do you feel comfy? Do you feel welcomed? Do you feel entertained? Do you feel involved? - If so, then don't be money-pinching! Think about this: When you go to a RL-club, you have to pay a lot more money for entrance and drinks. In SL you get two or more hours entertainment and fun for free. So, what's 100 L$ to stuff in a dancers undies? About 0.36 U$? That's really not much, but much appreciated... if it is a good dancer. Keep your money, if it is a bad one.
And of course: Don't forget to tip the DJ and the club too. To run a club is an expensive business. High tiers, a lot of expenses for all the stuff, money for the contests, the DJs etc. etc. If you feel good, show your appreciation.

Special hello and "thank you for dancing!" to Spanki Moulliez, JoJo Mandel, Leniad Gelbert, Justyn Maurer and Zakari Lewinter, which are some of the best dancers in SL and the nicest bunch of people I know!


Jordyn Carnell said...

This post should be REQUIRED reading for all dancers (and HOSTS IMO)..

personally.. I'm not such a great host as many I've seen (and the tips reflect that).. But.. when I see it you always count on me for a tip.. a kiss.. and a smile

Quagmire said...

Sometimes linden $ is tight, too, just showing you are having fun, inviting your friends, enjoying the dance and chat makes it all worth it.

Jordyn Carnell said...

um.. sometimes.. I'm like stuffing a tip inside a dancers thong.. and like forget why I had my hands in there in the first place.. and (opps) they don't get the tip! (heh heh.. but I do)

Rickie said...

As a former dancer turned DJ, Franzi you make a great point. I hate tipping dancers that say nothing for almost two hours. I don't care how sexy the AV is. We all are to someone. Or the dancers that have "canned" emotes. Blah, I can write better stuff of the top of my head, and we all know you do Tiger.

The multi-tasking is sometimes extreme on a busy night. This I know and appreciate. I agree with JC, this should be required reading. And while Q's point is well taken, alot of times, for me, knowing the guests are enjoying themselves is the best adrenaline rush. It's the reason I do it.

I Hope more people read this blog. It is timely and a topic that is revisited often because people don't "get it". IMHO


Justyn Maurer said...

Always a pleasure to for/with mah smexy bro and you know I luvs it.

Great piece of writing and oh so true too.

Yeah it definitely gots da adrenaline rush working a busy crowd. I still remember mah first day dancing at Dom's, rushing from guest to guest greeting n flirting with them, dealing with incoming IMs, thanking da end I wuz worn out. Thankies for recruiting me and unleashing mah potential. Luv ya brotha!

SpAnKi said...

very good post brother. echoes everythin I think myself about workin as a dancer in SL. God how I miss it already!

love you x =^.^=

SpAnKi said...

oh.. P.S.
love that picture!! and always adore dancing with you

kiss x