Wednesday, December 3, 2008

hanging around

After I danced with Spanki at Mendance for two hours yesterday, he showed me his new house and the SIM of him and his love. So beautiful.

Spanki made this pic above of me hanging around cat-ish on a ship-wreck. I like that. Need that poseball!

After the tour we hang around at the camp-fire. Brother Rammy joined us and Spanki's love Darias too. Just hanging around, talking a little, staring at the fire and the stars and the snowflakes.... Very chilling. Just missed my hubbie to join us, but he wasn't inworld that time.

I'm so happy for my brother Spanki. Darias seems like a very good guy to me - and I can almost always trust my intuition. Love him already as part of the family and welcomed him to the family last night, as he joined us on the tiger's isle party.

So, at about 2 SLT it was time to leave and decorate the club for "Arabian Nights", which was a pretty nice theme. Everyone looked so HOT in his exotic outfits. My honey bee and me were inspired by the as kitchy as beautiful and sexy art-film "Pink Narcissus" for this theme. Have to get a transparent belly-dancer outfit for next time.
I spent the last hours to edit and upload this video-clip. So, light of my life, this is for you (watch quickly before it's deleted by youtube):

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Quagmire said...

oki, now i am horny!