Saturday, December 27, 2008

My Christmas

Well, Christmas is almost over. Time for an update. A lot of things happened this week...

So, finally the truth came out. Tiger felt very bad the last weeks and months. Always feeling, that something is going on, feeling ignored and neglected by his partner Quagmire Juran. So, since this week the jigsaw puzzle finally solved: Quagmire Juran had activated his old alt Gabriels Asbrink to marry Rickie Zabaleta, playing loving couple right in front of tiger's eyes at Tiger's Eye. No wonder, he wasn't so attentive... it must have been exhausting, to play at least two AV's inworld at the same time.

Somehow I feel relieved, that I finally know the truth about Quagmire Juran aka Gabriels Asbrink (aka kenrog Boozehound aka Rocketmann Destiny aka Verryy Blessed aka vincent22 Vhargon etc.) although... I think noone will EVER find out the truth about that psycho. I have to admit: His ways of manipulating others in feeling bad are brilliant. I did read his ex' Walentine's story and saw exactly the same pattern. I recognized myself in this story. All the suffering and hurting. My compliments, Chris. You're so good at lying and betraying and cheating, that you might believe it yourself.

How much Rickie Zabaleta is a part of the dirty game they played, I don't know. Everything and everyone says, that he must have known that Gabriels = Quagmire and that they played a dirty game together. If so, I hope at least THEY had fun with it. But after all I give Rickie the benefit of doubt and want to believe that he really didn't know till this week.
But after the truth came out and Quag/Gabs admitted his dirty game (not omitting, that of course even THAT was my fault alone), Rickie sticked to him. That must be true love! Babes, I could have lived with that. Believe it or not. If you'd only would have been content enjoying your life together and leave me alone.
But you couldn't stop to excuse your own mean behaviour in trying to cast the blame on me with more lies and twisting the truth. - Well, I spent the last 6 months with apologizing for things I've never done. No, I won't continue with that. YOU know, that YOU are the devils. I know the truth. And the people who really count for me, know the truth also.

So, do us all a favor. Live your twosome life. Leave me and my friends alone. And don't you dare to try to twist anyone of my friends against me. You're wasting your energy, it won't work anyways, and the only thing you might reach with it is, that tiger shows his claws.

Please stay away from leaving any more-evil-game comments to this article. I'll delete them anyways. So it's only a waste of time for you. [Hugs and lickings from true friends and brothers are always welcome]

Okay, and that's the point where chapter is closed for me. Only thing to do is leaving Tiger's Isle. Not without a tear in my eyes, cause yes, I enjoyed the time there very much and I will miss some of the guests, which became friends to me.

~~~ Chapter End ~~~


SpAnKi said...

I love you brother. Nothing changes that, especially poisoned whispers from ignorant hearts and minds. We have been through much over our time, from lovers to estranged to friends to brothers. I wouldnt change a thing of it, or of you. I have learnt much from everything we have shared. About myself, relationships, love, loyalty, friendship, and most of all, HONESTY. You are my dear tiger.. be brave love, all things pass x0x


Justyn Maurer said...

I'm glad that you have closure now on this. I feel your pain and anguish brother, to be backstabbed several times by the ones you place your trust in. All the more reason that we brothers should stick binds us together. I hope this rough patch passes quickly for you...and you know you can call on me anytime you need.

Peace brother =^.^= *huggs n licks*

Leigh Eel said...

Hoping you are well...