Monday, December 1, 2008

Hm, don't know what else to tell about the weekend.

Friday was cool with the Butt-Pirates party. And it made me so happy, that my brother Spanki could make it to the party and we (Spanki + Quag + me) danced together and enjoyed the time...

But Saturday I spent most time waiting somehow... wasn't such a good day at the end. Better forget it.

Sunday was full of dancing and party. First exploring Gor, then dancing there. Then heading over to JC's monthly rez-party and finally heading to Tiger's Isle for our own Neko in Leather party.

After the party I spend some time on the isle... wanted to go home all the time as I was really, really tired from no sleep at all the night before, but talked to Justyn for a minute, then came DD to talk, then came Kenneth back to talk.... So it became pretty late till I finally fell into my kitteh-basket and snored.

Me in front of our house on the new stairs I've build down to the beach.

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