Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My week

Whoa! What a week. Somehow I don't really remember, what I done or not done... It started with a very depressing saturday. Sleeplessness made me oversensitive and paranoid, so I was pretty depressed. But Ken dragged me to the opening of Club Thunder, so I got a little distraction. Where first Mirah, then Syriana were DJing. Whoot! And I got all flirty with Syri. I really should consider my sexual orientation... there are some hot women out there!
Anyways, I ended alone at the brothers hangout, sitting on the rocks at the beach, writing a sad letter to a friend... and just before I closed my eyes, I found this and cheered up, feeling all the love floating over the big ocean 3000 miles or more... *puuurrrrr*

Well, the week was full of ups and downs. A lot of just sitting, waiting, staring, feeling lonely, hurting, licking wounds.... The only things I remember were the opening of Rickie's and Gabriel's "Moonbeam Ranch" on wednesday. Nice work they've done, but I wasn't really in the mood for it, but went there anyways to wish them good luck. Even shmexie lady Rain couldn't cheer me up, so I didn't stay long.

Thursday started the same slow, but suddenly became hectic. I had forgotten, when Rickie's and Gabriels wedding started, got a tp and landed almost naked in the middle of the ceremony. *blush* So I was very busy finding my suit, wondering about the strange look of my feet and taking pics for Rickie & Gabs. And had to rush over to Tiger's Isle for the Egyptian Night after that.

Friday of course was hectic too. Stripping contest on Tiger's Isle. Was soooo good, but I was exhausted afterwards. Six hours I was stressed, but enjoyed it. Read more about it clicking at the pic!

Saturday I came home from RL work and directly tp'd over to Spanki's and Dari's party. But I was tired as hell and not really entertaining and the joyful tiger I used to be. Turned into tiny tiger in hope to get some cuddles, but didn't work. :(

So, it wasn't one of my best weeks. But thanks to friends and especially long, long talks to the sweet cowboy, and thanks to some precious happy moments with my honey bee, I managed to prick up my fluffy ears. Better times will come sooner or later...

Oh, and today I got the surprising news, that my beloved brother and his sweet love Darias got married last night.


I'm so happy for my brother, that he found the love of his life. And Dari is the best brother-in-law I can imagine!

(Last 3 pics borrowed from © Spanki Moulliez)

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