Friday, December 5, 2008

Moving on

Somehow the day went over. Lots of talking with my brother Spanki in IMs. Thank you, bro, for listening to all the "drama" and encouraging me! Also thanks to all the others who surprised me with nice words and hugs and "I'll be there for you"s.

Spend some time with packing my stuff in our house. I don't feel comfy leaving it unfinished, so I guess, I'll finish it for... whoever. Moving back to my old parcel, the brother's hangout. Building a house there for my bros and me. That might be fun and fight loneliness.

And well, somehow time went by and "Baywatch"-party started. That was fun as my reflex of entertaining started and I forgot all the shit for a while. Although I'm considering leaving Tiger's Isle and the club. I mostly did it out of love, changed my RL-habits for it... those ultra-long nights till the early morning. Seems pointless now to do that any longer, but I might just be sulky. Too much loving energy invested in it to give it up that easily.

Thanks to my brother Justyn for holding me, while I was falling asleep. After all I'm happy to have so nice brothers and friends, who see me like I really am and show me their love and caring. Thank you!


SpAnKi said...

Am here for you brother, as much as you need. So sorry for your breakup after everything, so hate to see you hurting. And I don't forget how you took me floating in the stars that night, when I was so sad. You are sweet, and loving, and generous in nature, and all the things that make you 'you' I wudn't change. Just kno there is always a hug for you here, when you need it.

much love, Spanks xxoxx

Justyn Maurer said...

I'm honoured to have you as mah brother Franzi. Spanki haz alreadys said what i wanted to say except da floating in da stars bit. :) Love ya alwayz!

Hugs n licks =^.^=