Friday, July 30, 2010

the cabin and other news

/me yawns

Am a bit tired today as I woke up after 4.5 hours sleep today. Everybody talking 'bout dreams, so as this time I remember it, I'll talk about. Nothing sensational though: Been to work and heard, that now our boss can ground the employees up to three weeks. You know... like kids. I was so annoyed by it, that I quit. So I went to his house, which strangely was in my 300 km away hometown and kicked his ass. Then I rollerbladed down a hill on gravel.... And woke up at the foot of the hill.
So, why mention this? Because when I woke up for some minutes I was NOT sure, that it was just a dream. My boss and supervisors are idiotic enough.
And what does this dream mean? 1. I hate my work. 2. I hate my boss. 3. I wanna kick my boss' ass (that was the good part of the dream) 4. I really should quit that crappy work because of 1.. And 5. I soon should visit my mom in my hometown, I guess.

Okay, what else is new? Since the future of Tidra is cleared (at least the financial part for a while) I'm a bit more relaxed and full of energy again. Worked even more on the little cabin and today I've put it on XStreet:

A transfer-version           and              a copy-version.

Am considering a whole series of that style with bigger houses, but first going to see, if it sells at all. Sometimes I think, it's not worth the effort. Apart from the time you need to build it, you'll need at least the same time to take pictures, write the notecards, make the advertising poster, load it up to XStreet, write the description etc etc.

From my cages I haven't sold a single one yet, and that although I'm sure, they look better, are better and are less expensive then those popular ones. Maybe a shop is better to sell stuff? But that will change as soon as we got the market on Tidra.

... which leads me to the next point. Market will be the next project to build. I finally got an idea for it. But to find tenants for the shops, I also have to increase the traffic on Tidra. Emphasizing the *I*, because still no word of my family. It's a lot of work to care for it all alone. Some people are interested to join, many make promises, many break promises... so often it's a waste of time, when you welcome visitors, show them around, listen to their "oh, how beautiful!" and then... never see them again. But I keep on trying!

Oh, also changed the skyplattform a bit, which gives us even more room. - Actually don't need so much room, as we are not many neighbors, but it will be a nice place for the family, even if I don't know these days what remains of that.

Well, today is thursday, so yes! been to the "Capture the Flag" game. I think I'm becoming better. So, if my computer would be faster and I wouldn't lag that much, I could become a not that bad fighter. Well, still prefer RP to battles, but sometimes it's fun.

Hmm, that's it for today. It's getting late, so: Time for bed! And tomorrow weekend again.. *moans*

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Misha said...

i like your cages, we use it inthe tavern for the naughty slaves and throw empty drinking horns at them
have you thought of having another group in there, a small one like i have the thieves in ushindi