Monday, November 29, 2010

another weekend over! Yay!

Okay, didn't write at the weekend as for not 'nuff spare time. And no pics again... Really have to take more pics, but because of lag-reasons am in lowest graphics most of the time, so I'd have to change to higher graphics, risk to crash etc etc...  So, no pics.

Saturday after RL work been to Eddi&Jago's 2d anniversary party. Was fun and the two are such a nice couple and was nice to meet some old friends & acquaintances even if most of them won't remember me (Yeah, 2 years out of the dance-business... that's an eternity in SL!). Too bad I had to leave then to get some hours sleep before work again. I'm all nervous now as Eddi said, he'd come over soon to take some pics on Tidra. Me myself is not so convinced that it's really such a beautiful SIM as they all say. But that's maybe cause I'm too used to it and I see it with the critical creator's eye? Dunno.

Sunday been to Tabor OOC dance and continued dancing with my lil sunshine even as the party was over... just dancing and talking. I liked. Then enjoying a private dance from my lil sunshine home at Tidra... I took a picture of that, but I won't post it here for some reasons *grins naughty*

And after my boy fallen asleep, exhausted from the dance and... *clears his throat*.... well, and I was about to sleep as well, but someone knocked on the gate of the fort... oh my! Maybe I shouldn't have opened it? What some people call "Roleplay"... Didn't know, if I should fall from my chair laughing or better smash my head against the wall. Anyways... I finally could escape, leaving them to noob-sex in the taverne and visited T&D in the castle, asking them to let me drown in their hot tub or at least they shoot me with the arrows. But we giggled a lot anyways.

So, all in all was a good weekend. Meh liked!

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