Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Okay, so I had some private time and decided to continue with sorting inventory, especially all those gifts of the Make Him over Hunt. It was in.. uhm... October? .. and just opened about 70 of the 168 gifts. And deleted about 50 of them, because... well, just crap. And lets not talk about the still unopened and unsorted poses-hunt I did in June or so... Anyways, as I tried on this jumper (above) I thought "Oh! My! God! What the ugly fuck is this?!?!?!" - Well, at least I took a picture of the most ugliest pink (!) .. uhm... something... before I deleted it. Already heard the sirens of the fashion-police coming closer....

And my dearest lil sunshine River made a picture of us today. We wanted to do a 3sum pose with Mamba (who finally logged in... out... in... out... in... out....), but he kept on crashing. My lil sunshine thinks the helmet is hot. Well, me likes it and it actually *IS* very Gorean as descibed in the books... but on the pic I think I look a bit like Daffy Duck. However, the pic itself is quite nice, so here:

And here's another pic of him and me. Looks a bit like I'd have dragon-wings... is because we're sitting on a dragon-throne. *heh* But I like it very much:


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