Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Met some para-RPers the other day and have to say: No thanks!
So, what's Para-RP? Para means paragraph, that means are Para-RPer writes a full (long) paragraph each time.  Here some examples of the same scene. Imagine the roleplayer XY approaches a group of people standing around. This can look like this:

XY: Tal!

Okay, this isn't the best RP either. *heh* So lets try this:

XY approaches the group of people, some he recognizes, some he doesn't know. A friendly smile crosses his lips as he raises his hand to greet them "Tal, Free!"

I think everything important is said: He comes in peace, he knows some, he's friendly. 'nough said. - Now comes the Para-RPer:

XY approaches in graceful paces the group of citizens. The air around him impregnated by the scent of his heavy and masculine perfume, rising from his soft-tanned skin and his black, elegant garments; kilt and cape softly swaying in the evening-breeze as well as his long, black hair that flows over his shoulders like the dark waves of gleaming Thassa. Soft shimmer of the arising three moons of Gor streaming over his weapons, bathing them in a pool of silver light. As he reach the group of citizens he raises his chin majesticly,  meeting gazes  with a glance from his eyes, dark blue like a  deep pond at midnight in the plains of Ko-Ro-Ba. He recognizes YZ, remembering their adventures in the northern territories where they fought side by side against the kurii, those mighty, scary beasts of Gor. He lifts his right hand, palm inwards, precious rings, three with sereem diamonds - red, sparkling, white flecked - and two with opals - one a common sort, milky in color, and the other an unusual flame opal, reddish and blue. A smile crosses his curved lips, red and full like a sweet lharma-fruit, before he exposes his plain, white teeth to greet with a delicate southern accent: "Tal, Free!"

Well, he greets them if they would still be there. Maybe they are gone already. - I admit, that some are really nice and poeticly written. Others you just wonder "Uhm... what did he just say?!?". However it takes every flow out of an interactive roleplay. Not only that it takes them too long to write their novels, but also they don't REact to others anyways. They are too busy and full of themselves to write already their next long paragraph , they won't waste their time dealing with the actions and words of others. I say No, Thanks! to para-RP.

(And before one of my potential readers might feel offended: I didn't mean YOU. You just forget to hit the "enter"-button from time to time *heh*)

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