Friday, November 26, 2010

eject trip

*heh* was on an eject-trip yesterday and ejected 2.5 AVs from Tidra. - Yes, I know, first question "2 and a half?!".. yeah, the half one left on his own before I ejected him. Strange, that we always get those noobs on Tidra or griefers; haven't seen so many on other SIMs. Or maybe just not recognized? Dunno... One of the griefers was kinda cute though. He duckwalked right over from the docks to the gate and started to picklock it. It's so annoying when people don't read the rules and even more annoying when you have to repair all the broken doors every day.

Ha, I mentioned the big booty bitches dancing the other day and Derren posted a video. I knew he'd do it, but couldn't mention it before because of the surprise for Tel (sooooowwwyyy *giggle*):

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Teleny Macarthur said...

Et tu, Brutus? LOL! He's already been threatened with Scorpionic retribution.... guess I'll put your name on that list, too! LOL!
I was watching the whole time that I was on the phone. Just wait you guys! Paybacks are sweeeeeet! LOL!