Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just rambling

Hmmm, in a bit a strange mood... must be winter. Not depressed... more a bit of melancholy... as my third rezzday is coming closer thinking about those past three years... the events of three years SL would at least fill 2 lifetimes RL, I guess.... the loves, the friendships... some lost, some still exist... Well, for the love, I think, when your feelings for someone once occupied a corner of your heart, it will remain there forever... (unless this part of your heart is ripped out, which only happened once)...

*takes a deep breath to write about something else*

Soooooooo.... yesterday I started to build that project I mentioned before. But it was not as much fun as expected. I don't have a clue how it should look like. As soon as I get an idea, the planning will be more fun. However I don't know if it's worth anything as I'm still torn according the future of Tidra. It's just too much work for one alone. Got to be there for every visitor, doing the building, not to mention the immense tier... It would be so much easier to just rent a little house somewhere and live a quiet life with my two remaining boys... Well, around Christmas I will decide what to do. That was always the time for decisions.

Talking of my boys - One is missing since saturday, so I start worrying. Everyone who knows my history can imagine why. I hope he's fine and will return soon.

Been to Tainted Boys yesterday. Yeah, it was monday. Don't wanna miss DJ Heloq's set, even if I'm always late. Was fun as usual, though the spam-gestures are just too much. Don't like that, so I was in IMs most of the time. Trace asked me to do vid's for a fundraiser-partiy of Second Pride today. So I'll be busy (no idea at what time and where it is!?). Also asked me to do a advertising video for SP... and no idea of that either. I feel honored, but I guess there are 100s of people who can do much better videos.

Well, that's all I can think of atm. The night ended with some talk about this and that with my lil sunshine River and finally a nice lap-dance. No pictures of that either. But I guess I'd make a video of dancing kajiri soon again....

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