Friday, November 12, 2010

Hello again!

Wow! I just realized, that I didn't write for almost 2 months now. But noone can say, I didn't warn yer in the post before. =^.^= Well, my inventory is still up to something about 37.000 though I was sorting a lot of textures already. But then started the rebuild of the fort of Tidra...

That wasn't planned like this. It started as an idea... like "hmm.... adding a bigger bath... oh, when about that, why not add a taverne?... and of course the infirmary should get an extra building too...." - So, what should have been just a little "addition to the house" became a little village. It's (almost) finished now, though a building never really is finished as you will always find a texture here to adjust and an overlap there to fix.... They say it's quite nice, but I don't know. Now as it's (almost) finished, I don't like it anymore. *heh* Maybe because my heart isn't in it anymore? Maybe it's just the autumn-depression that caught many people?

However, I got news from my family. They are all well and promised in two short visits (in 6 months!), that they will be back. And then were gone again. Well, I guess, that's  how (second) life goes?  For people who are really "involved" in it, spending most of their spare time in this world, it becomes it's own "reality". Yes, I do believe, that their feelings WERE true as long as they been here. But then for some RL-issues they had to stay away. And when you're away for a while, it becomes ir-real... just a pixel-world.... not really important anymore. And so the people in that world are not really important anymore either. I even missed Mick's birthday & his rezzday and I guess I will also miss Kenshi's rezzday and brirthday. So, that's it.  Of course I'm sad and disappointed... all the promises and vows... but I'm not angry. Strange thing, that all the people around, all friends are much more angry at them then I am. Been gone through too much shit in my life, so I learned to accept the things I cannot change. Noone is to blame. Life goes on, right? Just glad, that they are all well and wishing them the very best in their RL.

About Tidra.... hm, I don't know. I had some hope as new people joined besides Teleny: Sey as Master of Baths and Head-Slaver, and the two boys from Earth River and Derren. I collared River in the name of Tidra, but he's becoming more and more my private slave. It's good to have a devoted boy again. - But this hope didn't last too long and still I'm considering to close it all soon. The drama, the work, the disappointments... it's not worth paying the really huge tier week by week. I'm tired of waiting and hoping and getting disappointed... to fight so much just for a little bit of fun and happiness. Maybe it's time to go the easy way: Safe a lot of money, renting just a little house for me and my boy, having more time for building stuff and sorting inventory instead of wasting it for administration and giving tours to people who neverever show up again anyways.... *shrugs*
Well, maybe it's just this time of the year? Better stop this entry here. Don't have much to say anymore anyways...

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