Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

kk... promised to write every day even if just so short. Eddie asked for pics of my boys... hm, haven't downloaded any nice ones yet, but will come. Promise!

So, haven't done much yesterday. Only tried to figure out those action-sets in X4 cocks.. *heh* And laters sorting some more of the gifts from the MHOH more then a month ago. Oh my! I'm just at #50 now... more then 110 to go. After 2-4 hours sorting I had 91 items less in my inventory (yes, a  lot of crap in those gifts and my inventory is way toooo big to keep just everything cause... "you never know, when you need it!". Ha, didn't need some stuff in 3 years, so I'm easier now with hitting the "delete" button). Okay, I figured, if I would continue in this speed of sorting and deleting I would reach my goal to be back to about 10.000 items in 1.155 hours of sorting. yay!

However... today I got a new idea for Tidra, but won't talk about it yet. Just let you know I'll be busy (again) the next days with it. Well, can't remember a day in the last 3 years when I wasn't busy with building something anyways.

Got "disturbed" in sorting last night by Tel and Derren and laters my bro Rammy, which was all fun with rubber-duck-battles and big-booty-bitches-dancing and group hugs.

And yeah, I always forget that it's Thanksgiving today for you guys over there. So, Happy Thanksgiving! - You know, I don't like it too much, that the american "holidays" like Halloween and St. Valentine's  swapped over to Europe and Germany. I think each country it's own traditional holidays. Unfortunately Thanksgiving in that way (there's the Harvest Festival here, but it isn't celebrated in that way) did NOT yet find it's way into German tradition. Too bad! Because that I would like much... hmm...eating turkey and other yummy food the whole day... nahm! nahm! nahm!

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