Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My new boys and other news

I should take more pictures. And I should write more. I planned to write at least a small article every day after I logged off, but then I'm too tired to do so. Now I will try to write a small article before I log in. Maybe that works better?

So after the fort of Tidra was finished (mostly), I thought I'd get some time to deal with my other stuff. My inventory is still at more then 36.000. I have only opened abut 25 of the 168 gifts from the "Make him over"-hunt. And no time for continue building other stuff. But then I collared two new boys and they are just so lovely! River, who I call "my lil sunshine", and Mamba, my "lil rascal". I missed having devoted slaves, since Wolf and Eagle are gone. And devoted and loving they are. Though they are taking a lot of my time I won't wanna miss a single minute with them.

These days I also started to decorate the valley (= our private skybox) winterly for the season. But I'm not really up to it with my heart. Last years christmas season was wonderful with my family around. This year it just reminds me how much I miss them. But I will move on. I thought it's their internet-connection, but now I know, I'm just out of their mind. So, what remains is the memory of a very good time, a wonderful year though we all had to go through a lot of RL issues, the happiest 12 months in my second life. Now I think it's soon time to let loose, to give up hope and to walk in a new direction...

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Eddi Haskell said...

Don't tease us Franz! Pictures of the hot new boys please.

BTW 36,000 inventory LOL. I thought 18,000 was bad.