Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where's Whoopie Goldberg when you need her?

.... or just "Ghost"

The tale of Gor continues...

Was a bit upset last night for some RL-reason, so I needed distraction as I finally was at home. My Kenshi and me went to Silver Tree, were about to rescue Rio (again) and were captured (again) ourselves by Eili and another thief. But we were all too tired to continue the RP, so they left us in our cells and we promised to continue in the morning.

I was the first to wake up in my cell, a little rat helped me to get rid of my ropes (it's of some advantage to be able to talk to animals. Ever considered, why I'm called after St. Francis?) and my brave boy Mick was about to pick some locks to rescue us. But then the castle woke up... and Mick was captured too.

Sooooo... our capturer made a big mistake and invited someone who's the devils incarnation. And we ended all dead. Now we are floating around as ghosts, which is a lot, lot of fun. *hehe* And there's some cool RP following, which I'm looking forward to. But that will be a surprise!

Okay, have to go haunting now! hoooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Anonymous said...

hello, i am the owner and the builder of the thief's castle of silvertree. your blog is very is a pityt that i was on vacation...when you were capped in the castle. I hope to see you, my avatar name is spinaker avro...i am a handsome thief, i like to seduce other and to cap their soul, gold means nothing for me. Kiss

Franziskus said...

Hi, Spin, the fisherman. We met shortly at our first visit on Silver Tree. :) Nice, that you found the way to this blog. And thank you for your comment. See you inworld! (But beware, when a dark shadow falls over you *evil laughter*)