Tuesday, April 14, 2009

things happening on easter

One of the things that happening on easter is that people rise from the dead. And so did Mick and Franzi.

But one step after the other!

It was some fun to haunt around as angelic ghosts on Gor, causing shivers, touching some dicks with icecold hands, blowing in ears and howling around. Or playing leapfrog with Mick, while other players had to stay serious and ignore us. Well, that wasn't too hard for them as they did that before when I was living, so why would they have problems with me dead?

On sunday I got a bit bored, still waiting for my resurrection. But it didn't happen. So I went late-night-dancing with my Kenshi at Gabriels Promise. "Wildest Avi" was the theme, so I undusted an old demon-costume while Kenshi turned into a werewolf. We tp'd there and.... found a lot of bunnies! Okay, bunnies aren't as "wild" in my view, but it was fun. Especially when arriving there with a werewolf at your side. Bunnies vs. Wolf... do the math! The bunny on the dance-pole must have looked like shish kebab in his wolfish eyes and my Kenshi became very hungry. I almost had to leash him. *heh* Well, we had fun dancing and chatting there and I was thinking of old days at Premier Evolution (which is closed now as far as I heard) and dancing at the opening of Gabriels'. I don't think, that Braden - one of the owners - remembers me, but I remember those days pretty well.

So, easter monday came and that's the day of the resurrection. I was looking forward to the upcoming RP, but now I'm not so sure anymore. Too many people bitching around... So, let me say some things about RP and storyline.

I may not be the best Gor-RPer. I think I mentioned it before. Still don't know enough about "The Gorean Way" (whatever it is) and often have language problems. But I can recognize a storyline, when I see one. And sad as it is: Most people don't have a storyline in Gor RP. They are lucky, when they can fight - capture or getting captured - trade or being traded (or killed) and then they start again. One day they get almost eaten, the next day they make small-talk IC in combat zone with the people who have tried to eat them instead of trying to kick their ass and getting a revenge. People who are honest citizens today are outlaws the next day. [Yes, that happened to Mick and me too, but within a (surprising) RP and a storyline, not just with a fingersnip. And it will add to their "history".] People who are well-known as outlaws can walk around in combat zone without being molested by citizens as long as they don't try to steal something.

So, I'm missing storylines and building a personal "history". We had the chance to start a big and good RP, and I was looking forward to it. But now everyone is talking into us, bitching around, complaining about desertion. That is no fun anymore. If others prefer the boring way of battle-capture-trade etc, then I don't know, if I want to be there anymore.

And another thing happened. I was suspicious about the tendencies of a person and he once again proved my intuition right. I don't like that. And I don't like it, when some people play with the emotions of people meaning something to me and just abuse them for their vengeance. I still hope, that my intuition is wrong, but it gets clearer day by day.

However *taking a deep breath*, so there he is: Mammon arised yesterday!

His memory fed with false information he and his blood-brother Orcus are full of hatred against everyone on the bright path and especially against their murderer (or who they were told would be their murderer)... That's the beginning of the story. Interesting, challenging. Deal with it! *evil laughter*

[P.S.: No idea, why the Dark Lord chosen the name Mammon, which is the false god of money, because actually I'm broke most of the time. *heh*]

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