Wednesday, April 8, 2009

two months - Yay!

Posted it spontanuous monday night: On tuesday Kenshi and me had our two months anniversary. We slow-danced for hours under the stars at a romantic place. It was wonderful.

We're planning our official wedding. Never had a wedding-party and finally I want one. JC for reverend, Spanki (who diesn't know it yet, so sssshhht!) for Best Man. Will be difficult to get the right time for it, as our friends are spread over 24 or more timezones.

We don't have the place, the time and the DJ yet, but what we do have already: Our wedding suits. Gothic-Gorean. We look gor-geous! Don't want a big ceremony, but want to be with friends and family, and want to party and dance and have fun.

It's the fourth time I'm partnered (2 times the same and 1 time I already forgotten the name; one of the shortest partnerships in SL-history), but this time - I know it! - it lasts (okay, as long as there's a JC to calm me and my hubbie to be patient, when I'm starting running around headless, when I'm getting upset *heh*).

Love you, my Kenshi!

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Jordyn Carnell said...


maybe on a weekend..
sometime between..
10am SLT - 2am SLT
(that's a 16hr window)