Wednesday, April 22, 2009


This is me with my lil bro Mick at the moment. He's already sleeping in my arms, that cutie. I'll follow him soon; just want to write some lines at the end of the day....

I'm missing my Kenshi and count the hours till he's coming back. Trying to distract me with other things, which is good. Finally continued cleaning my inventortury, so that after half a day sorting I went from about 14.900 to 17.600 (*wtf?!?*). Did a lot of gardening too in the hope to have the garden ready when my love comes back.

I also rezzed the little tree-house which I once had bought for my X. Was a little painful, to stand there. Oh those memories... but Mick liked it, and as family is growing, we might need the space. So I left it there in the garden:

Yesterday I danced with Mick in a gazebo as I so love to dance with my Kenshi and our lil bro wanted to give me some "Kenshi-feeling":

But somehow I didn't like the gazebo, so I started to build my own as a surprise for my love. I hope he likes it. Is a romantic place between trees, palms and bushes:

Also talked to some family-members these days which I haven't spoken to for weeks. Yesterday with my little kitten Douggie who promised to come more often now. Well, he says that every time before he vanishes for weeks.

And today finally talked with my bro Rammy. Was so good to talk to him again. I hope, he comes back to the family now again. It's a small parcel, but I love to have it crowded with family-members. Kenshi, Mick, me, Justyn & Very (and they adopted a son now, which I only saw once yet), and Douggie and Rammy.... I love it!

But I also enjoy silent moments alone. Like yesterday, when I was meditating in the lotus for an hour, thinking of my love, talking in IMs and - oh yes! - messaging with my cowboy, who worries me a lot these days with his health. (Hope you get better soon, JC! *licks*) As far as I understood, this months rezzday-party will be cancelled and he stops the parties at all. Which is sad, but I understand it. Just too bad, that this friday is cancelled, because it would have been kinda my "personal" party as it is my RL birthday the day before and I took the friday off RL work to party on. So, no Kenshi at my birthday and no party either... *sniefs*

Well, I guess that's it for today. Have to continue with the "Book of Mammon" soon, but it's not easy. atm the RP is more or less frozen. Mick and me are still trying to be evil and do evil things, but we're not that skilled in evilness *heh*
Oh, I almost forgot: Visited Arad today, which has changed a lot. But I like it, especially the treehouse. Somehow I still dream of a "wild boys" island in the manner of "Lord of the Flies". That would be nice *purrrrrrs*

Okay, time to join my brother in his dreams.... ni ni!


Justyn Maurer said...

Happy Birthday bro!!!!!

And as soon as mah computer is fixed i'll come inworld to give you ur birthday hugg, lick and stuff =~.^=

Missin ya tiger. Luv ya,


Franziskus said...

Thanks, bro! Waiting for the inworld licks and especially the "stuff".... *purrrrrs*

Oh, I built a room for your son in the basement. Hope he likes it. He's a bit shy...

Lurrrrrve yer!