Saturday, April 18, 2009

Time for an update

As I took my first curious steps in Gor, a wise man (okay, it was DJ Arcangelo) said about Gor "If you like drama, you will like Gor". And when I look at endlessly discussions about validity of RP and OOC insultations crossing the IC line and other stuff, then he might be right...
However, we are doing a big RP-storyline this week. Takes a lot of time, part of it is fun, part of it not (the drama-corner). Hm, dunno... is it my fantasy? I'm becoming a hardliner regarding the RP. Means: What didn't happen in RP, didn't happen at all. I don't like cheating, taking OOC information and changing the past to switch it into IC information. The storyline could be a lot of fun and challenge in playing for a lot of people, but it seems most are not really interested....

But I didn't want to write much about Gor. If you, dear reader, have no idea about Gor, you won't know what I'm talking about anyways. So, what else is new?

Bad news first: About 13 hours ago I had to bid a surprising farewell to my love Kenshi. He has to be away for some reason and I miss him so much it hurts. We spend our last two hours dancing in our wedding-suits in a romantic place. I took some nice pictures, but I won't show them here yet, because noone should see our clothes before the official wedding.

Talking of pictures... I love to take pictures, although I'm not so much of a photographer. I just wait for the right moment, click and then cut the picture detail I want. I have no idea about photoshop. Sometimes use corel paint to change contrast and brightness, but that's all. But - I love to use the possibilities of lights in SL. And last night, as we've been dancing at... uhm... Bleeding Hearts (?) to DJ Arcs trance-tunes, someone mentioned windlights. Nosey as I am (hey, I'm still a kitten!!!) I had to take a look and I'm keen as mustard of it. For more information about the application click here!
Took this pic of our lil house with one of the windlight settings (looks better in full size):

And today after RL-work I've been dancing with my lil bro Mick and with Rio & Leo from Silver Tree at the OOC-party in the Dark Path. Was pretty nice except of a little exeggeration of disco-lights. Invited Kyne too, whom I haven't seen for ages, and Conner from those old days as dancers. So, we had some fun. (On the pic from left to right: Rio, Leo, Mick, me) Especially to be in Gor as Tiger and not being hunted. *heh*

Yeah, I miss my neko-days a bit. I guess I have to stroll around kittesh much more!

kk - getting late now. Time for kitteh-nap and at least dreaming of my love, as I can't be with him otherwise for a while now...

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