Wednesday, April 8, 2009

missing my brothers

I went dancing at Zeus with my Kenshi yesterday, happy to see my bro Spanki again. He's busy the last weeks - new love, building, hosting.... - and so am I. But we always had the time to IM for half an hour or so every day. I don't know, what's wrong and if it's really just the busy-ness. But I miss my bro.
Most of my other bros are missing too. Seen Justyn yesterday after a long time and showed him Silver Tree and Tabor. But he had not much time. RL keeps him busy these days.
The same with JoJo, who's busy in RL too. And Tree I haven't met either for weeks. And Nevie is exploring other paths....

So, just wanted to say: Love you, brothers, and miss you all! kisses and hugs and licks xoxoxox

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