Monday, April 27, 2009

The Book Mammon - Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Meeting the Murderer

I followed the Lord and my brother to the palace. It was so big. And dark. More then once I lost myself and had to get help to find my way back. I had the feeling, that I was here before, but I didn't remember any of the ways and rooms. The taverne, the scribery, the dungeon... Nothing caused any return of memory. My Lord finally showed me my room, and as I wondered, that it was almost empty, I was told that slaves had cleaned it out soon after the word of my death had reached them.
"This is your home", the Dark Lord explained in his deep voice. "You need to dress as per the rule, always cover your skin and face unless in company of our own kind. Even than i do not remove my mask. My burns are too bad."

As I recognized, that the slaves had forgotten to take off the mirror in the corner, I risked a look. The first time I saw myself. The red glowing ornaments on the skin, the red eyes like my brother's and our Lord's eyes... But the hair! I gulped. Prissy and boring. I took a dagger from my brother and started to shave my head to a nice mohawk style. I grinned to the person in the mirror, who grinned back - a stranger, but somehow familiar.
While I was busy with my hairstyle our Lord had some slaves carry in a bed for me. I turned to the bed, feeled the matrass and as I took off the blanket a happy scream came over my lips: There were my clothes, my weapons... all my stuff! Well, at least I supposed it was mine. Our Lord chuckled softly behind his mask as he saw my surprise. Immediately I ripped off those ugly blue shorts, didn't care, that I was standing there naked in front of the Lord and my brother. I tried the dark clothes and they fit perfect. Also found some poisoned needles and little bones which I weaved in my hair. Oh, and my weapons! I softly carressed them, before I put on my 1000 daggers, my battle-axe and my bow.

While I got dressed, our Lord talked to us: "On a serious note men. - I must stress the importance never to remove your face masks in public! We move as shadows and never show any skin if possible."
"Yes, my Lord!", my brother and me answered unisone.
"And one last thing," our Lord continued, "stay away from the city known a Sliver Tree for now. We will move when the time is right. - I have to leave now. Dark paths, my warriors!"
As the Dark Lord had left, I asked my brother Orcus: "Sooo... my brother... what did we do normally?"
"I need to see those towns the Dark Lord talked about!", Orcus answered. I nodded in agreement. And so our search began...


We jumped on a tarn and commanded the bird direction Tabor, in the hope it knows where to go to, because we had no idea where the city should be. Arriving there we looked around the town, but nothing looked familiar. We met Free and slaves, and we were observed suspiciously from all sides. We told our names to some warriors, but strange thing: No one seem to remember our names.
I asked: "You are sure, this is the city called "Tabor", my brother? Maybe that damned bird didn't know it's way?"
"I think that is Tabor, but I am not sure at all.", Orcus answered.
"And where did our Lord say lives the man who killed us?"
"I think a city named Silver Tree."
We met a warrior and were about to ask him for the way to this city called Silver Tree and a warrior called Rio, as another warrior joined us. Blond, blue eyed, handsome... He tried to peek under our hoods and complained about us being 'disguised' and seemed hostile from right the beginning as the other warrior asked "Rio, you know them?"
Our alarm-bells rang. There he was! The warrior called Rio. The first sabre of Silver Tree. Building his military career on raping and murdering the innocent. Rio - our murderer!

I had to fight the urge to reach for my daggers and cut his throat in a quick move. Too many witnesses around! Instead I took a deep breath and growled: "Tal, warrior. My name is Mammon. This is my brother Orcus." I watched the man closely, but not a single sign of recognition by hearing our names. I had to admit, that I admired his cold-blooded attitude.
"I am Rio, first sabre of Silver Tree.", he answered. Ha! As if I hadn't recognized this already.
Then he started to talk about our appearance. It is a strange thing, that everyone wants to talk with us about the newest fashion.
Suddenly he said: "It seems you have heard of me? I think I know you two. We have had business together before. But I cannot remember what. I suspect it was not friendly business judging by your apparel."
"You judge people on their appearence?", my brother asked.
"Appearances is all I can judge you on, even though you keep yourselves so well hidden. I have to ask myself why you do that, and the conclusion has to be not for honest reasons."
"My reason concern only me and my brother.... warrior!", my brother hissed back.
The blond warrior went on with his hostility, but gave no sign of recognition. Finally we found out the reason: He was killed shortly after us and lost his memory as he was resurrected by an initiate. That explained his cold blood. He didn't even remember his infamous actions and played the innocent and honorable warrior without any bad concious! That made my anger grow even more. I wanted him to remember what he did. Remember it before I killed him for it. But this wasn't the right place and the right time. So I soon suggested to my brother to leave that hostile place.

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