Friday, April 24, 2009

so this was my birthday

Hmmmm, nothing special happened on mah birdie day yesterday. Wasn't inworld that much cause of... well, birdie day! (Reading and answering mails, going yummy burstday-dinner eatin' at the chinese and stuff like that....)

Spend some time building rooms for mah bro Rammy and for Justyn's & Very's son Ollie in the basement. Will be small but nice when ready.

And Gor. Oh my! Went there with lil bro Mick, tried to rescue someone and were captured ourselves before we even could go into mouselook (dang! Eilly, you're fast!!!), had some nice RP in the beginning with an exhausted Eilly and then... the OOC discussions began. Gee! I didn't know, if I should just continue rolling around the cell-floor laughing or start crying. However, the RP ended and I went dancing with my lil bro, to celebrate the last hour of my birthday.

First went to ZEUS in the hope that Heloq would play and Spanki would host, but it seemed their shift was over already. Well, DJ Markie played a nice set and ZEUS surely is a nice club, even if always laggy, laggy, laggy as hell... but somehow I miss the family-atmosphere there (like in many other clubs too). Only spam-gestures in open chat, which are sooooooooo (not) entertaining. Every try to get some cool, funny, entertaining conversation in open chat gets burried beneath those gestures. It's okay, when you are busy in IMs anyways and don't really wanna social contact, but I prefer the everyone's-talking-with-everyone-parties. Parties like we had it on Tiger's Isle (and I hope they still have) and other Clubs where my brothers and me were dancing (yeah! I claim the benefit, that me, Tiger, is one of those who started really entertaining parties like that!).
Well, then to my surprise I got an invitation to Premier Evolution. Not that I was surprised to get the invitation, but I was surprised that it still exists! It seems, the rumours were wrong. PE still exists, just Clinton retired. And as one of my favoritest DJs Gregster were playing, I dragged my lil bro over to there. Other bro Kyne joined us too and a little later bro Nevie also.

As Gregster played MY tune ("Hot in herrre" - Tiga) I had to strip as usual (but only to my undies) and helped my bros out of their clothes too. So, we were trying to win the "Sexy brothers in undies" contest, which was a bit difficult as there was no such contest at all. But anyways! We had a lot of fun rolling and grabbing around the dancefloor. I miss those brother-dances!!!
(Sorry, if you can't see DETAILS on the picture, but due to the lag I had to reduce my graphics to a minimum...)


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Justyn Maurer said...

Happy (belated) Birthday bro! I can't rememba if i said it already but can't hurt to say it again. Yesh, Tiger is realli da one who kicks off with really entertaining parties...I miss those dayz.

Luv ya.

ps. another thing i miss is dancing with mah bros...especially with you all lookin soooo hawt n lickable *puuurrrrss*